Robert F. Wilson, Ph.D. R.Psych.


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As founder of Canada's first psychological health benefit, I have devoted my practice to tailoring the most effective therapeutic tools to help each individual, couple, or family cope with the stresses of personal and work life. For the past 48 years of providing psychotherapeutic services, I have been "Dr. Bob" to thousands of people from all walks of life.

My responsibility as an agent of change is to help an individual understand the process that has led to his or her distress, and to teach the skills and tools necessary to bring that distress within acceptable limits as rapidly as possible. I do this within the context of a supportive professional relationship. My focus is on practical solutions. My formal therapeutic training has ranged from psychodynamic procedures to cognitive behavior therapies, with a primary focus on evidence-based procedures.

I am a Ph.D. registered psychologist in the province of British Columbia, registration number 0001.

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